Sean Fields


Sean Fields

Integrative Orthopedic

NIOS is a new process used to diagnose and treat the pain of the neuromuscular and skeletal systems. It starts off with a static assessment to see your posture and resting tone of your muscles. Then a dynamic assessment to check for altered joint kinematics. Then a visual inspection of the as a whole cohesive unit to find the most minute discrepancies in symmetry, texture, and tone and due to this we are able to find the true source of the problem eliminating all pain and increasing range of motion. The way we differ from surgery is that they look at the point of pain and make changes to that part but as we know that is never the case that’s why we have so many people repeating surgeries because they never got to the root of the problem.

Professional Experience

I have had patients come in with foot pain but the true problem was there latissimus. It’s equivalent to you driving a car and the steering wheel starts to vibrate and the mechanic replaces the steering wheel when the problem was alignment.


Our treatment is the first of its kind to address your pain regardless of the issue in a non-invasive manner. We’ll treat your concern without the need to go under the knife.

I have mapped out the whole body and found the patterns to every orthopedic issue and the process to restore it to its optimal position alleviating pain and restoring all range of motion. So you ask, “What if a ligament or cartilage is gone?” It doesn’t matter, all pain stops when you are put back in perfect symmetry and it gives ligaments  and cartilage an opportunity to regenerate as opposed to shaving it off. This procedure restores the body back to an ideal position allowing it to regenerate and use all of its original organic tissue as opposed to replacing it with inorganic items that introduce toxins metal shavings and tear down the body.

We have had so much success with this that we have been able to relieve issues that have not been successful through means of surgery like carpal tunnel syndrome and bunions! Even things as big as hip surgery, back pain and TMJ. The best part is we can do all of this without the risk and danger surgery, without the pain, it feels more painful than a massage. No downtime, you can immediately resume normal activities without pain and without missing work. No need to take medicine, there has been a lot of attention lately due to the harmful side effects of prescriptions used for pain.


All you need to get started is your recommendation for surgery and any associated paperwork such as MRIs or X-rays and we can get started. We require any patient that works with us to give us permission to video document our procedure.

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